is us

Being in this industry for over 10 years we are pioneers in providing one stop solution for all your education and career needs. We just don’t guide, we take deep steps to understand you and your background. Further we fulfil your requirement and also guide on the idea we have about the future of your industry. Most importantly we have a successful record of comforting your needs till they last.

What would you expect off the team who is going to guide you for your education and career needs?


Ans: Experience, Expertise, Privacy, Young and friendly, thorough research, guidance and dynamic approach. Yes, we have it all. Just to brief, we have pioneered the industry since the past 10 years for providing best support for your education and career needs. We do extensive research and have received fulfilling feedbacks from all our clients. Our major strength is our team who is young, dynamic, dedicated and expertise to satisfy your needs and most importantly to keep it private.

How did you start?

Having a vision to understand the global trend and an urge to guide the students about the outcomes of the markets SCS initiated its operations in the year 2009 and had started as just a local education counselor. Further we started networking in various schools, colleges, classes, institutions etc to understand their needs and also to guide them the future careers. Based on these options we were able to develop a better understanding and our creation was widely accepted since then.


How do you do your study on the courses?


We dedicate a good amount of time on studying new options. We initially start from the web, looking for general details than progressing with comparison, evaluation, history, recognitions, valuations and feedbacks of students on web. These steps help us to understand a course or a university in depth. We then communicate with the course providers and get a feel of their course. We also try and meet the providers and also check the placements students would benefit from doing these course. This process is surely time consuming, we constantly keep connect with global employers so as to understand their need and their acceptance of such students.

Studying in this pattern has given us a better understanding of what to offer to the students who come to us for Neutral Guidance.


Who is your founder? What’s his background?

Rohit started working at the age of 13. While continuing his education, he worked in various industries starting from retail, industrial, manufacturing, technology, insurance and call centre. After working in all these sectors he understood he could manage, help, guide, listen to people very beautifully, and at the age of 22 he understood what his goal for the rest of the life is. He also reasoned himself by understanding the need of guidance he required to channelize his career. He further decided to learn psychology so he could help students find the best way for their careers. He also was driven by the fact that his services would save precious time of students to help them stabilize their careers and most importantly to make them feel better about themselves. Now he carries various roles in his life from being a coach to a mentor, from a leader to a member and from a listener to a friend, he has it all always.

His education has been average as he was always working. He has done Bachelors of Management studies in his under graduation. Further he did a Diploma in Counseling Psychology and further he opted for Masters in Social Psychology. But that’s not the end. He has been learning each day from each person he meets and has been adding qualities within him so as to give it back to people around.


What is SCS's Vision?


Money making is never a priority for us. We are keener on serving and delivering. We tend to be satisfied when people are satisfied by our support and expert guidance. We just want to be an organisation that acts on the idea of human development rather than financial development.


What other verticals do you have?


We surely guide and manage individuals. We are a coach or a mentor as the need prevails. But other than this we also give free service to people who can’t pay for the service but are dedicated for their career development. In this process of a decade we have seen over 800 people taking advantage of such service and there are people and past students who donate for the needy.

We also do self development course that is the root of all the life skills an individual should know. We take pleasure in teaching these skills to the individual to help them understand and face the world in a better manner.

Our newly developed passion is focused on getting global education within India and give India the best of education from the global standards. As India is developing there are many forms of education and sectors of education opening. We see this as a great opportunity to take Indian education on a global platform as India is a leader in producing most engineers, doctors, scientists in the world.