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Person behind Svastrino

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Having gone through the dilemma of making a good education choice and not having found the right guidance, Rohit Gala landed in several fields. And by the time he realized that he needed to be an Educationist, he had lost a lot of time. Nonetheless, he decided to be an education and career counselor and made it his goal to not let the same happen to any student.


He started studying about various career options through the web. He met many professors in many universities across the country to understand these options in depth. He also met numerous corporates, entrepreneurs, consultants so he could understand what the future held. Along with personal research, he also obtained a Diploma in Counseling Psychology and then further graduated with Masters in Sociology so as to be recognized as a licensed career and education counselor in India


In just a matter of 4 years, he had established full-fledged Education and Career Counseling operations across India as one of the very few Licensed Career Counselors.

Our Legacy

From 2009............ till Today


Idea was brought to life

Svastrino was started for the first time with 20 students through home-visits in and around Mumbai

We design a development process specific to YOU, check out

Media Recongnition

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Suleh - May 2011

Our Team

Rohit Gala

14+ Years in
Career Mentorship

  • LinkedIn

Founder &
Chief Counselor

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Miloni Gala

7+ Years in
Process Innovation 

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Administrative & Management Officer

Divya Shah

  • LinkedIn

Recruitments & Logistics Head

7+ Years in
HR & Support

Few Interns are working with us

Over the Years, we have crafted what you need to Evolve. Discover:

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