All About Us

How and when did Svastrino start?

Svastrino was brought to life in 2009 by Mr. Rohit Gala with a clear though of helping the students who couldn't find help in neutral Education and Career planning. He himself had gone through the dilemma of making a good education and a career choice but was not satisfied with the suggesstions and options that were guided to him. Due to lack of awareness and confusion he himself landed in several fields and finally by time he found that he needs to be a Education and a Career counselor himself. He started studying about various career options through web. He met various professors in various universities across the country to understand the options in depth. He also met various corporates, entrepreneurs, consultants so he could understand the future. Along with the practical research he carried himself he also obtained a Diploma in Counseling Psychology and then further graduated with Masters in Sociology so as to be recognized as a licensed career and an education counselor. In just a matter of 4 years he had established a full fledged Education and Career Counseling operations across India as being one of the very few Licensed Counselors.

Our Achievements till date

Rohit has till date counseled over 10,800 students individually and has impacted over 300,000 students in our 6000+ seminars and workshops. Svastrino is applauded by over 20 leading national newspapers. Rohit was also invited by The Economic Times, 3 consecutive times as the only Education Counselor to discuss education related changes and further expected developments across the nations in the context of the students, parents, educationists and the government.

Our Motivation to serve

Our core motivation is to help students find the best fitting education and career options with their needs and hidden potential. We make that possible by: - Exploring students Strengths and Hidden Potentials. - Matching student's Strengths and Potentials with the Futuristic career options. - Guiding options that are and will be high in demand by the Corporates globally. - Guiding the route to those education and career options. - Finally, the feeling of Happiness after students are happy in their field and career.

Our Vision and Target

We have come a long way in guiding students and want to continue the same with the best impact. We want to be the prime consultancy firm in India for guiding students various ways to get admits in Top Global Universities. We want to develop a team of Competent and energetic counselors who are able to serve the needs of the industry at any point of time. We want to counsel a minimum of 50,000 students by 2025 with the help of the team we build. We want to help students reach the best of their potentials and achieve top heights in their careers.

Unique factors in our guidance

We just don't guide options of Education, but we make sure we could be a part of Students Overall Profile and Personality Development: - Guiding the associated developments concept. - Guiding Professional Education options to be done Parellelly. - Guiding to help the student get some Valuable Global Internships and work experience (Eg. United Nations, IMF, etc.) - Helping the student in developing their overall profile & personality by continuously guiding steps for development in planned intervals and timings.

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