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To cancel any of your appointments the Receiver has to call us at least 24 hours before the session. We levy processing fees of 15% + taxes on all cancellations paid on the Total amount received.  Any cancellation of appointments that happen within the 24 hour limit that is mentioned above shall attract a 25% processing fees + taxes. The amount shall be deducted and the balance shall be refunded within a period of maximum 8 working days from the day of intimation of the cancellation.


We allow 2 rescheduling in total for a client, within a maximum period of 2 months from the date of the first booking. We levy rescheduling fees of 15% + applicable taxes on each single rescheduling of the appointments. If the Receiver is rescheduling his appointments for 2 times, the total charges for the rescheduling the appointment two times is 30% + applicable taxes of the Total fees received. The student has to deposit the total balance processing fees in order to get a rescheduled appointment confirmed with us in the direct account of the Provider which will be provided on the call.


We do not allow any transfer of service from one receiver to another. The service booked by the receiver shall stay valid as per the terms mentioned in the ‘Validity of cancelled service’ below.


Refunds for simple cancellations (without rescheduling) will be processed within 8 working days after the cancellations have been initiated. The Receiver (student or their parents) shall get the amount after deducting the processing fees mentioned for the Direct Cancellations.

Refunds for cancellations after single or double rescheduling will be processed within 15 working days after the cancellations have been initiated. The Receiver (student or their parents) shall get the amount after deducting the processing fees mentioned for the cancellations. As this refund might be initiated after single or double rescheduling and finally a cancellation the refunds shall only happen on the actual counseling amount that is paid by the receiver and not the rescheduling amount paid by the Receiver (Counseling + Rescheduling). The Rescheduling amount shall be exempted from refunds and the refund will only happen as per the cancellation terms mentioned above for the 1st counselling fees paid by the Receiver.


If the session is being cancelled and is pending for rescheduling from the receivers end the service shall stay valid for a period of maximum 90 total days from the day of first booking. If the receiver is not receiving the service within the stipulated period the balance money shall be transferred after deducting any pending rescheduling and cancellation charges mentioned above.


As the provider is just a service provider who is delivering various services through member, forum and counseling sessions, we as the provider are not responsible if the receiver doesn’t study well, doesn’t perform well, doesn’t fair well in his future or career. The receiver agrees to understand and accept that it will be his total responsibility and he shall not hold the provider responsible for any of such instances. All the decisions and actions taken after the receiver has visited the website of the provider or received guidance from the provider in his life, education or career after receiving information from this website or having the session shall be the sole responsibility of the Receiver only. The state of any guidance provided by the Provider can be different or unmatched but the Receiver agrees to understand and accept that he will verify all those information and statistics personally before taking a final decision for his education, career & life decision to follow. The Receiver will never blame/ mention/ hold the Provider responsible for the outcomes he faces after he has taken steps for his Education, Career and life.

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