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Do you like to try new furniture and guide your family what will be better for all at once? Do you like to explore more variety and styles in furniture before buying one? Are you able to understand your families' need to buy furniture and guide them practically about the aesthetics?
If Yes, You should surely look at this upcoming global career option.


Architecture and interior design set the framework of a space but furniture sets its essence. Whether it is minimal, industrial, luxurious, or futuristic, the choice of furniture not only gives character and atmosphere to a space but it also expresses the evolving trends in the interior and industrial design field. A furniture designer visualises and creates designs for furnishings. They use computer software, sketch pads, or a combination of both to create designs.

Top Qualities:

- An understanding of layout
- Good communication skills
- Understanding design and beauty
- Spatial imagination
- Good eye for detail

Top Jobs and Careers:

- Furniture and Crafts Designer
- Product Designer
- Product Researcher and Innovator
- Interior Designer and Decorator
- Furniture Conservator/Restorer

Career Ladder:

10th Any Board (Elementary Intermediate Drawing exams) > 12th Any Stream > Bachelors of Furniture Design

Top Courses:

- Bachelors in Furniture Design
- Masters in Furniture Design

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