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Environmental Engineering

About the Course

Are you concerned about the future of the earth and its environment? Are you motivated and inspired to find new and environment friendly ways to sustain yourself in surrounding? Would you like to make this as your career?

If Yes, Environmental Engineering is a great career option for you.

About the Field

Environmental engineering, the development of processes and infrastructure for the supply of water, the disposal of waste, and the control of pollution of all kinds. These endeavours protect public health by preventing disease transmission, and they preserve the quality of the environment by averting the contamination and degradation of air, water, and land resources.

Top Qualities

    - Creative thinker
    - Good writing skills
    - Brilliant analytical and problem solving skills
    - Good communication and people skills
    - Strong project management skills

Top Jobs & Careers

    - Water project manager
    - Senior environmental engineer
    - Environmental health and safety director
    - Environmental engineering consultant
    - Green building engineer

Career Ladder

    - 10th Any Board > 12th Science (Biology + Math) > Btech / BE Environmental Engineering
    - 10th Any Board > Diploma in Environmental Engineering > Btech / BE Environmental Engineering

Top Courses

    - Diploma in Environmental Engineering
    - Btech / BE in Environmental Engineering
    - Mtech / ME in Environmental Engineering

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