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Event Management

About the Course

Do you like to manage functions, events, occasions and parties in your daily routine? Do you like to manage and coordinate things beforehand? Would you like to do these exciting activities each day and make a career in it?

If Yes, you should surely pursue your career in Event management.

About the Field

Event management is the application of project management to the production, creation and development of small and/or large-scale personal or corporate events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, or conventions.
Event managers plan and organise promotional, business and social events. They're responsible for running a range of events, ensuring the target audience is engaged and the message of the event is marketed properly. Events play a huge part in the success of a brand or an organisation.

Top Qualities

    - Listening
    - Organised
    - Passion
    - Communication
    - Calm under pressure
    - Problem-solving
    - Peoples person
    - Flexibility

Top Jobs & Careers

    - Convention planner
    - Office event planner
    - Meeting planner
    - Theme development.
    - Event coordinator
    - Party planner
    - Fundraiser planner
    - Wedding Planner
    - Event Manager

Career Ladder

    - 10th Any Board > 12th Any Stream > Bachelors in Event Management
    - 10th Any Board > 12th Any Stream > Diploma in Event Management

Top Courses

    - BA in Event Management
    - BBA Event Management
    - MA in Event Management
    - MBA Event Management

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