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About the Course

Do you like watching crime based or detective stories? Do you intend to study science in detail? Do you wish to solve criminal cases based on the scientific research and methods for finding the actual crime?

If Yes, Studying Forensic Science is the best gift you can give your future.

About the Field

Forensic science is the application of the methods of the natural and physical sciences to matters of criminal and civil law. Forensic science can be involved not only in investigation and prosecution of crimes such as rape, murder, and drug trafficking but also in matters in which a crime has not been committed but in which someone is charged with a civil wrong (see tort), such as willful pollution of air or water or causing industrial injuries.
There are three core disciplines that constitute forensic science – medicine, chemistry and anthropology.

Top Qualities

    - Logical and independent mind
    - Meticulous attention to detail
    - Excellent written and oral communication skills
    - Objectivity and sensitivity when dealing with confidential information
    - Ability to work under pressure and to a deadline
    - Concentration and patience

Top Jobs & Careers

    - Forensic Engineer
    - Cybersecurity Analyst
    - Forensic Accountant
    - Forensic Computer Analyst
    - Information Security Specialist
    - Forensic Science Technicians
    - Forensic Ballistics Expert
    - Forensic DNA Analyst
    - Polygraph Examiner
    - Forensic Documents Examiner
    - Digital Forensics Experts
    - Forensic Computer Investigators
    - Forensic Toxicologist

Career Ladder

    10th Any Board > 12th Science (Biology and Math) > BSc Forensic Science > MSc In Forensic Science

Top Courses

    - B.Sc in Forensic Science
    - M.Sc in Forensic Science
    - PG Diploma in Forensic Science

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