Liberal Arts

About the Course

Do you like the idea of trying study options before finalising options for your career? Do you want the freedom to study subjects from science, commerce and arts in one course? Would this process help you to explore yourself in a better way?

If Yes, You should surely consider studying liberal arts in your further course.

About the Field

Some of the popular Liberal Arts Major includes - Psychology, Philosophy, Business Studies, Marketing, Journalism, Advertising & Public Relations, Economics, Political Science, English Literature and Finance. As a discipline, these subjects are intended to give you general knowledge and the ability to think critically and learn any subject – as opposed to specific skills needed for a technical profession. Instead, liberal arts sharpen your research, writing and critical thinking skills to prepare you for a broad range of careers.

Top Qualities

    - Creative Thinking
    - Numeracy
    - Cross-Cultural Knowledge
    - Learning and Synthesizing New Ideas
    - Effective with Ambiguity

Top Jobs & Careers

    - Public relations specialist
    - Project manager
    - Research analyst
    - Social worker
    - Statistician
    - Teacher
    - Technical writer
    - Web developer

Career Ladder

    10th Any Board > 12th Any stream > Bachelors of Liberal Arts > Masters of Liberal Arts

Top Courses

    - BA in Liberal Arts
    - MA in Liberal Arts

    - What subjects can one study in Liberal Arts?
    - You study a combination of Arts, Science and Humanities.

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