About the Course

Are you interested in studying Math? Is studying math a cake walk for you? Do you like solving math problems and are able to do that with accurate outcomes?

If Yes, You are clear to become a great Mathematician.

About the Field

Mathematics, the science of structure, order, and relation that has evolved from elemental practices of counting, measuring, and describing the shapes of objects. It deals with logical reasoning and quantitative calculation, and its development has involved an increasing degree of idealization and abstraction of its subject matter.

Top Qualities

    - Persistence
    - Communication
    - Resilience
    - Critical thinking
    - Logic
    - Curiosity
    - Creativity
    - Organization

Top Jobs & Careers

    - Mathematician
    - Statistician
    - College Math Professor
    - Actuary
    - Market Research Analyst
    - Economist
    - Financial Analyst

Career Ladder

    10th Any Board > 12th Science (Math) > BSc Math > BSc Mathematics

Top Courses

    - BSc in Mathematics
    - MSc in Mathematics
    - Specializations in Mathematics
    - Pure Mathematics
    - Applied Mathematics
    - Computational Mathematics
    - Algebra and Number Theory
    - Topology and Foundations
    - Geometric Analysis
    - Analysis
    - Probability and Statistics

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