Ophthalmic Technology

About the Course

Would you like to help a person in his vision related issues? But you are afraid to study for the MBBS study! But still like science and biology and want to find a career in this field?

Don't worry Being an Ophthalmic Technician is the perfect fix for your needs.

About the Field

Ophthalmic medical technicians—also known as allied ophthalmic personnel—work with an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) to provide patient care by performing eye-related clinical tasks such as: Instructing patients about medications, tests and procedures. Performing vision and diagnostic tests.

Top Qualities

    - Positive Attitude
    - Patience
    - Problem Solver
    - Great History Taker
    - Curiosity
    - Efficient Workups
    - Good Judgement
    - Professional Behaviour

Top Jobs & Careers

    - Ophthalmologist
    - Ophthalmology Surgeon
    - Professor/Lecturer
    - ENT Specialist
    - Clinical Assistant
    - Medical Consultant

Career Ladder

    - 10th Any Board > 12th Science (Biology) (Math is optional) > BSc Ophthalmic Technology
    - 10th Any Board > 12th Science (Biology) (Math is optional) > Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology

Top Courses

    - Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistance / Technology
    - BSc in Ophthalmic Technology
    - MSc in Ophthalmic Technology
    - PhD in Ophthalmic Technology

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