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Sports Management

About the Course

Do you like watching and playing sports? Are you inspired by the way sports events are managed these days? Would you want to be a part of those managing activities?

If Yes, You should consider the most promising career in today's world surrounded with entertainment and glamour.

About the Field

Sport management is the field of business that focuses directly on sports and recreation. Many different subjects are incorporated into sport management such as administration, finance, law and ethics. A degree in sport management can lead to career opportunities in the world of sports and recreation. While coaches take care of what happens on the field during the game, a sports manager is responsible for what occurs off the field. He or she is accountable for the business side of sports for their client, including contracts and promotions. Sports managers also act as their client's spokesperson.

Top Qualities

    - Fairness
    - Honesty
    - Mastery and Passion
    - Selflessness
    - Sensitivity
    - Teamwork
    - Decision Maker
    - Communication

Top Jobs & Careers

    - Athletic Coach
    - Athlete Development Specialist
    - Athletic Director
    - Business Development Coordinator
    - Contract Administrator
    - Contract Negotiation Manager
    - Event Coordinator
    - Facilities Manager

Career Ladder

    10th Any Board > 12th Any Stream > BBA in Sports Management > MBA Sports Management

Top Courses

    - BBA in Sports Management
    - MBA Sports Management

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