Education Counseling: Global & National

Education today is not restricted to any group or religion it is open to anyone and everyone from any part of the world. The world has evolved and so has the businesses in it. To manage the old business or the newly venturing start ups or to have a very good corporate life, it is very important that students these days start planning their careers well in advance. It is paramount that the students know their life and it is also important that the student feels the charm of young age by getting involved in all the physical activities. We get the student to realise what they want to do and what’s their next plan of action. We get involved in each step from the planning to execution stage. We involve our expertise in guiding the students the current and the future of any industry. Once they are aware of the steps we can then plan what and where of education as education is just the stepping stone towards their careers.


We SERVE the following:
1) Sourcing the study NEED,

2) Finalising the COURSE,

3) Locating the COUNTRY (In case of overseas education),

4) Locating the UNIVERSITY

5) Creating a strong PROFILE with a suitable SOP,

6) Submitting the UNIVERSITY APPLICATION form,

7) Processing the VISA.