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Counseling FAQ's

Session Process

How is Education Counseling done?

As the session is based on future options it is very important that the student can expect the following to happen during the session: - Get a Listener: We make a point that we listen to them (as a neutral person) with patience, without giving any suggestion and opinion at that point of time. - Finding the core issue: Many times actual problem and the described problems are different and it is of paramount importance that the dialogue between us is initially driven to find the core, rather than to directly rushing to finding a solution. - Getting the acceptance: Many people come to see us with a strong opinion and prejudgments. We make sure that you are relaxed and also helped to understand the situation neutrally, and with this process it becomes easy for us to develop acceptance of the facts and let go of all the prejudgments. - Verifying the current potential: We understand that when you as either a student / candidate come to us for the session you surely have great amount of hidden potential that is yet to be found, we by the process of Q&A and dialogue drive those facts and figures out that could give us the confidence to guide the further education / career options. - Exploring: This is the most beautiful part as hereon we actually drive the session to explore all the possible options, pros and cons, benefits and situational possibilities that can help in understanding and neutrally verify all the available options as per the need of the hour. - Decision making: After all the above steps are carefully executed it is just the final stage where you have to trust the process and make a decision by yourself that becomes valid by the process of dialogue between you and the counselor.

What concerns are addressed in the Education Counseling session?

We address anything and everything that can help the student make a rational and a wise decision for his education. - Finding the best: As we are specialized to conduct education counseling and we are doing it for the past 12 years, we help students to find solutions that could change them to be the best in their field of work, and we have done that for over 10,800 students. - Exploring and selecting the stream / course/ subject of education. - Understanding and deciding the board of education if need be. - Finding the hidden potential by understanding their interest, strength, weakness and many important personality traits of the student. - Exploring all the education options available through science, commerce or humanities/arts, engineering, medical, paramedical, etc. - Guiding the students to all the available education options Nationally and Internationally. - Helping the students to make a neutral and an informed decision for their life. - Over and above we also guide students to do various extra curricular, co-curricular activities that help them to build the exact skills that are required to get the best status in the professional world. - We also guide the students for various Global internships and courses that really change the way students lead their life.

What should be the frequency of counseling sessions?

The frequency of the session whether it is education / career counseling totally depends on your need. It totally depends on how quickly you are able to reach your milestone that we had discussed / decided in the previous session. Basically the counseling session should happen once in 3 months so as to keep track & records of every development and also to provide tips to boost student's performance at equal intervals. Having counselings regularly also helps the student to stay motivated and focused on their long term targets.

What should be the attitude / mindset of the student during the session?

We expect the student to be honest, sincere, dedicated, focused, patient and a learner while they plan to get into any such session with us. This will allow the student to understand every bit and will also help them to make a wise and an informed decision.

Is Education Counseling a one time process?

The answer totally depends on the need. If the student wants a quick answer to his immediate concerns then yes counselings can be done just once, but if the student needs some detailed verification and guidance then that will need some sessions. Most importantly, the personality or academic profile of any student needs careful examination and guidance. This process is only possible when there is ample time and hardwork involved from both sides. To understand the current stage, adding and implementing the new changes, allowing the new process to be adopted and finally visualising the expected results, takes a good amount of time and effort from both ends. And so it is important that the student is given the natural environment and support to develop positively.

Do we conduct pen paper/ computerised testing for the students?

In normal & regular instances we initially prefer that the students to get in a Q&A round with us and over 96% of the times the queries & concerns are answered precisely, thanks to our process and experience of over 12 years. But if a desired conclusion is not found then a test is recommended and if the student and the parents feel the need we guide the test under our vigilance. The test is planned by Svastrino and is given to the student following which quality results are delivered for the future of the student.

Why Svastrino?

Why Svastrino over any other Individual or Company?

The reasons you can Trust Svastrino are Simple and worth understanding: - We have a 'dedicated counselor' process who will handle the student and their concerns always. - The counselors have a very wide experience in and around the industry. The counselors are trained and well read about the various industries they are guiding the students about. - The student and their parents find it comfortable to share their problems with the same trusted counselor on their next visit. - The student and the parents know the positive outcomes of the past sessions and so it becomes very easy for the families to trust the counselor in the connecting / recurring session. - The students and the parents don't have to repeat the history again. - The counselor would be aware of the core issue and the way to handle your concern. - The counselor would surely know about what you need and will deliver the further guidance, process, information on the exact time. - The students won't be made to blindly trust a test result but a very comprehensive Q&A round where the student will be slowly taken through a detailed self evaluation and a realisation process which will surely help the students in making a informed decision.


What is Counseling?

What is Counseling? Counseling is the means by which a Licensed Counselor helps the needy through purposeful and a planned conversation. Counseling is a process in which two people (A student and a counselor) meet to explore problems, identify possible solutions and comfort the needy for successful applications of those solutions.

What is the difference between Education & Career Counseling?

In normal stance these terms are used interchangeably. But in reality both (Education and Career Counseling) have a different approach. Education Counseling is the counseling specialty concerned with providing advice and assistance to students in the development of their educational plans, choice of appropriate courses, and choice of college or technical school. The education counselor is also involved in guiding the student about other activities and additional courses that will help the student establish a strong profile and a fair chance to be selected in the top universities for the aspired course. Whereas, Career Counselling is counselling or mentoring/coaching on issues related to an individual's career. With more and more diverse career options and professional opportunities emerging, career counselling helps individuals to make the right choice about their career paths, career development and career change. The individual discusses their concerns and the counselor helps the candidate to explore all the available options through a pre planned process, which helps the candidate to understand and eliminate the least favorable options.

When should Education Counseling be done?

The most suitable time to give yourself this development is 'Now'. Education counseling is not meant to be one time solution, it is a continuous process whereby you get coached and mentored by the counselor on your education based developments. Technically education counseling should be done a year before any important decision related to education has to be taken. Eg: If you have to choose stream/ course/ subject options after 10th then the education counseling should be done once the students completes his / her 9th and is just boarding 10th education. Similarly if the session is intended for a student who wants to make decision for stream selection post 8th then the session has to be planned when he enters in 8th.


What benefits can be expected from the session process?

You can expect the session to drive the following: - It will help the student to have an open mindset for options, possibilities, facts and outcomes. - The session acts as a simulator which helps the student to imagine the situation being in his comfort zone and imagining all the possible outcomes and situations without really being in the situation physically or realistically. - It will give the student the reality which can sometimes be bitter, but if the student trusts the process it will also give him the strength to face the situation and come out of it with positivity, courage and strength. - It is a medium through which the student can also explore new options for their future and also understand ways to reach the desired target. - Students will also expect justifications and real life examples that will help him make the bold and great decision for his future. - We only give out the facts and real information and nothing else.

What benefits should not be expected from the session?

You should not expect the following from the session: - Force or manipulation on someone to change their outlook or decision. We may try to help the person understand but we don't assure any guarantee. - We may give suggestions but we never give a decision for the concerns someone may have as we know that person understands their life in a better way. - We never give misleading information that would drive someone in the wrong way. - We never build false hopes for anyone.

What Outcomes / Developments can be expected after the session?

If the student follows all the prescribed steps and process that are guided to them by us precisely, following outcomes can be expected: - A well evaluated and verified profile. - Clarity on strengths and weaknesses. - Details, pros & cons and outcomes of the options as based on students current status and background. - A neutral approach and opinion. - A mentor and a guide that has far better experience to make appropriate decisions for education / careers. - Explore an option that was never known. - Finalise an option that is matches your potential, is lucrative, futuristic and promising. - A strong reason to follow your dream and passion. - A drive and a vision that will always boost you with energy and thrill.

Pre Session

How should a student prepare himself for the session?

As the session is not a rocket science there is not much a student has to do to get one. But still the student is expected to follows some very basic steps as mentioned below: - The student must make points of the issues which he thinks he want to get solutions for. - The student must try and be aware of his problem and the core due to which he is facing that problem. It is of paramount importance that the student must trust the process and be neutral to understand and accept every option that could evolve in the session. - The student must remember that as this session is meant to help him plan his future, he must be ready to share all the information honestly. - The student must remember that the session will only disclose the reality and that might discomfort him but the student need to have the patience to look beyond and be ready for the change. - The student must let go off the past and be open for new ideas and opportunities so as to get a new beginning.

What information is expected to be shared by a student to the counselor before and during the session?

The session is only driven by information so it is highly important that the student guides each and every information that is known and can help the counselor in understanding the student, their background, their current profile and their real concerns in detail. Your information will also help us plan the session well in advance. Over and above the information provided, if we feel the need we may ask for more information during the session and the student is expected to provide us all the necessary information without any filtration, hidden information or manipulation.

When should a student get into the session?

The answer to this question is very clear. To get the best effect from the session and in order to make the best decision, it is recommended that the student gets in any of such sessions at least 'A Year' before the actual decision has to be made. Eg: A student has to select the stream and the subject of study in standard 11th then he should get in the session the moment he has comleted his 9th and is about to get in 10th. Anything earlier than that is better as it will allow the student to absorb the session information and the student gets time to do his part of research before making a final decision. Even the parents get time to help their kid to make an informed decision by giving them exact support and assistance.

Booking Process

How to relate services and bookings?

Once the student decides on which areas does he want us to serve him, we highly recommed the students to understand the concern areas and make the questions that he wants us to cater. As the questions and the concern areas are decided he can understand the time it would approximately need to have the session. Then he should go on to book our services. Bookings are specifically easier as the students just have to book the time duration and slot in which he wants the services to be served.

What are Services?

Services are the areas where we specialise. They are areas in which we provide our expertise to the students and their parents / guardians or individuals. We have explained each of the service in detail so the student can understand and differenciate their needs specifically and further can proceed to bookings.

What are bookings?

Bookings are of different durations and can be matched as per the need of the student to take their future education decision. A student can select the bookings based on the depth and details of service he wants us to serve.

E.g.: If the student is almost clear with his decision and needs a final verification and a second opinion on his decision, then he can select a slot only for 30 minutes and get the queries resolved.
If a student wants a relaxed approach and needs a clear analysis on his decisions then he can select a slot of 60 minutes, or If the students needs a very detailed analysis on his potential and then make a decision for his future education based on his personal attributes he can select a slot of 120 minutes.

How to book the services?

It’s really simple! Once you have understood the time you would need to get your concerns resolved. You need to go on the bookings page, Select the booking duration as per your preference, Book the date and the time for your service, Make the advance payment for the service, And you shall be guided the total booking confirmation on your registered email ID.

Can a student select more than 1 service in a single session?

There are no restrictions on the amount of services and related questions that can be asked in the selected booking duration. The restrictions is on the time, as the session duration is utilised and exausted the session will stand discontinue irrespective if the questions are unanswered.

Is there any buffer time on each booking duration?

We understand sometimes queries may not be resolved in the limited time offered and so to suffice the needs we do give a buffer time on each booking. If even after utilising and exausting the buffer time the student / parent / guardian has some questions unanswered then the student / parent / guardian will have to book another slot and get the queries resolved.

What if the student needs more time than the Booking duration and buffer time allotted?

If the session duration and the buffer time both are exhausted then the student will have to book an additional service as per the need and pay for it so the session could resume back.

Course List

What is course list?

It is a page where you will find all the upcoming and futuristic demanded courses that a student can explore as per his needs and desire.

How many courses are listed in the course list?

There are 114 different courses that are mentioned in the list.

Can a student find details of those courses on that page?

As the student selects a course and clicks on 'Get Details' he shall be guided to the details of that specific course.