120 Minutes Online Session

Available Online

A Detailed Session to Explore and Plan your Future Perfectly

  • 2 hours
  • 7,990 Indian rupees
  • Sessions conducted Online on Zoom Meets

Service Description

Book us if you want: - Information on the futuristic & in demand education options - To know the upcoming sectors and industries globally - Personalized approach and guidance - Professionally justified plan for your future - Clarity about your future education & action plan - Information on all the available global education/career options - To explore your strengths & hidden potential - Expert & neutral advice - To verify your preferred options Benefits: - Neutral person to verify & understand - Professional & expert opinion - Detailed examination of current progress & guidance on further steps - Real life examples and statistics you wouldn't want to miss - A plan to have the best future secured - A decision that will help you secure the best career Session Flow: - Understanding your concern - Verifying, evaluating & driving the actual need - Guiding courses that are futuristic & are highly demanded - Providing stats, figures & documents that will drive the best decision - Addressing further concerns - Evolving the final decision Session Inclusions: - Session of 120 minutes with Rohit Gala - Understanding and exploring - Guidance on the available futuristic option - Support in taking a final decision - Detailed Report Still Thinking? Not sure if your needs will be addressed in this session of 120 minutes? Check other ways in which we can help you! Is it to just take a last moment decision or to get a second opinion and then quickly make your decision? Or you need a detailed session that will through light on various options and will help you take a well informed decision? Or you need a well executed session that is based on industry facts that will make you feel confident about your future and the decision indeed. If you think you need a well executed session, then book a 120 minute slot, now! Still Unsure? If you are still confused about which session to book with us, connect with us and we shall help you understand the best fit for your needs. Notes: - As we are education counselors we are only allowed to guide the options, decision of the education or future course has to be made by the student and their families themselves. - We shall not be responsible for any failures in the student’s future or careers. - As the session is time bound (2 Hours only) we expect the attendees to make a list of their queries beforehand. - You can book an additional slot by paying the respective fees and avail the additional time to resolve your query.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please call us at least 30 hours before the session. We levy processing fees of 25% on all cancellations paid on the 1st counseling amount. We allow 2 rescheduling in total for a client, within a maximum period of 2 months from the date of the first booking. We levy rescheduling fees of 15% on each rescheduling of your appointments. If you are rescheduling the appointments for 2 times, the charges for the rescheduling the appointment two times is 30% of the counseling fees received. The student has to deposit the total balance processing fees in order to get a rescheduled appointment confirmed with us. TRANSFER POLICY: We do not allow any transfer of service from one service receiver to another. To understand the details of such service please read details of terms. REFUND POLICY: Refunds for simple cancellations (without rescheduling) will be processed within 7 working days after the cancellations have been initiated. The student or their parents shall get the amount after deducting the processing fees mentioned for the direct cancellations. Refunds for cancellations (after single or double rescheduling) will be processed within 10 working days after the cancellations have been initiated. The student or their parents shall get the amount after deducting the processing fees mentioned for the direct cancellations. As this refund is being initiated after single or double rescheduling the refunds shall only happen on the actual counseling amount and not the total amount paid by the student (Counseling + Rescheduling) after deducting all the applied taxes.

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