Breakthrough Career Workshop

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Develop Accurate Mindsets to become the Future Leaders

  • 6 hours
  • 17,999 Indian rupees
  • Book 1st ONLINE SESSION & the remaining shall be fixed based on tasks personally

Service Description

Do you Aspire to be the best in your field of work? Do you wish to know the ultimate plan to become successful in your career just within 5 years after your education? Do you wish to earn 6 figure income just before 25 years of your age? Every parent and the student themselves aspires to succeed in their life. And to realize that dream both parent and the kid strongly works on ways that could get success in place at the earliest. But with the cutting edge competition and the thrive to be the best many just tend to move parts, still not discovering the actual plan that is a best fit for their future and needs. Imagine, having a very Unique Career Plan that perfectly matches your goals? Sounds good, but isn't this just the start? Lets say, Having a professional who could understand your potential, define your personality, your qualities & after detailed verification guides you about the areas you need to develop in order to become a top performing leader in your specialization, be it job, business, profession or any career you aspire to target. Further, clarifying & developing your vision & the goals by guiding the secrets that are known to those very few on the top of the successful list & helping you to understand patterns for applying the same in your life. And Finally, after understanding and integrating your inner self with your vision, you are guided to a career and a course that is just made for you and a course that simply aligns with your future. A career that will be in high demand globally and will make you successful just by following the career steps precisely. We just don't guide courses but other important element that really makes your profile stand apart from the others. We guide Extra and Co curricular activities + Professional courses + Internships + Social Work and much much more depending on the individual potential, his aspiration and the willingness to change his/her life. Following our Career Pathway you shall surely witness these Developments: - Highest level of self awareness and smart decision making - Clear career decision & a strong career pathway - A strong profile to attract global opportunities - An early success you will be proud about Session Progress: - 3 meets of 2 hrs each, within the 1st 2 months - 4 follow up sessions of 15 mins in 2 years NOTE: As the sessions are task based we allow you to just Book the 1st session for now & we shall fix the further sessions depending on the task completion & availability.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please call us at least 30 hours before the session. We levy processing fees of 25% on all cancellations paid on the 1st counseling amount. We allow 2 rescheduling in total for a client, within a maximum period of 2 months from the date of the first booking. We levy rescheduling fees of 15% on each rescheduling of your appointments. If you are rescheduling the appointments for 2 times, the charges for the rescheduling the appointment two times is 30% of the counseling fees received. The student has to deposit the total balance processing fees in order to get a rescheduled appointment confirmed with us. TRANSFER POLICY: We do not allow any transfer of service from one service receiver to another. To understand the details of such service please read details of terms. REFUND POLICY: Refunds for simple cancellations (without rescheduling) will be processed within 7 working days after the cancellations have been initiated. The student or their parents shall get the amount after deducting the processing fees mentioned for the direct cancellations. Refunds for cancellations (after single or double rescheduling) will be processed within 10 working days after the cancellations have been initiated. The student or their parents shall get the amount after deducting the processing fees mentioned for the direct cancellations. As this refund is being initiated after single or double rescheduling the refunds shall only happen on the actual counseling amount and not the total amount paid by the student (Counseling + Rescheduling) after deducting all the applied taxes.

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