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Grow into a Visionary and set Goals for a Promising Career


Choose This Program If    

  • You need to find out more about your Interests, Aptitude, Personality and Develop a Vision for yourself

  • You’re looking to Explore Career Options based on your Academics and Personal Background

  • You want to Make a Planned Career Decision in advance through a Thoughtful Trial and Elimination of options in consideration

  • You are looking to Engage in Short-term Leadership Development programs/activities/tasks to upskill, gain practical knowledge and make a Career Decision based on your Experiences

  • You want to Gain Clarity on your Career Options and assurance on further application processes to make informed career and life decisions

Program Journey      

Complete Personality Analysis

  • Personality, Qualities and Background Introduction

  • Questions for Self Introspection and Realisation

  • Guidance on ways to Evolve

  • Clarity on Laws of Nature and ways to align them with life

  • Personalised Tasks to drive the overall Self Development

Day 1
Bloom 1.2.png
Day 2
Day 20

Tailored tasks for your Transformative Self-Discovery:

Tasks that will help you to get focused, to get aligned, to balance, to control and to explore a promising and an enterprising leader within.

  • Understanding the developments as of now

  • Guiding and Developing the associated Vision

  • Establishing ideas and ways on how Global Leaders Evolved

  • Finding Similarities and Patterns that are unique and worth inculcating

  • Developing Tasks through which those qualities and Skills could be attributed

  • Development of your vision in accordance with your personality outcomes

Vision Development

1.3 Vision.png
Day 21
Day 22
Day 45
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Developing a Habit of Practising and Growing Regularly

Performing tasks that act as a catalyst to develop a strong daily routine and mindset to develop 1% each day.

Career Pathway Planning

  • Verifying the current mindset through the Vision Tasks

  • Aligning the future vision and intermediate goals

  • Guiding the Careers that match the future needs precisely

  • Developing the most unique career plan that is futuristic

  • A Career that has the potential to help the student stand out of the crowd

  • A Plan that would occupy career development on a global front

Career Pathway Bloom.png
Day 46
Day 60


  • We help you in self-discovery and build an evolved overall profile through upskilling and leadership activities

  • We introduce you to futuristic career paths that will be in demand, globally

  • We give you guided access to top global opportunities in alignment with your vision

  • We formulate a step-by-step career plan for you that assures realisation of that vision

  • We formulate a step-by-step career plan that will help you navigate to being the best in your domain 

  • You come out as a confident and bold individual on the right career path to success

Need a career mentor? We are what you are looking for.

Hear it from our Students   

Gurjas Sahni (Sonia), MBA in Media and Public Relations

Gurjas Sahni- Sonia_edited.jpg

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Value

We got in touch with Svastrino in 2019. During our sessions, he helped us understand the value career adds to our life, rather than the other way round. Our experience with Mr. Rohit Gala yielded great results as he helped in clarifying our present, hence making us better prepared for what the future has in store!

Would totally recommend his processes and advice. One of the best people we've come across.

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