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Ace the art of Self-Discipline and Evolve into an Enterprising Leader


Choose This Program If    

  • You need a Complete Analysis of your Personality, Strengths and Challenges

  • You need Mentoring for Development of a Persistent Mindset and Passionate Efforts

  • You want to Realise and Align your Vision and Life with the help of a coach

  • You want to Experiment with Options to Understand and Select the best career pathway 

  • You want to Have New Experiences to Arrive at a Unique Plan for your future

  • You need a Mentor who’d Train and Check on your progress regularly

  • You want to Explore Untapped Opportunities only available to a Few Voyagers

  • You want to Do What You Love for the Rest of Your Life

  • You want to Evolve into an Enterprising Entrepreneur and a Future Leader

Program Journey    

STAGE 1:  Mindset Building

Introduction to your Background

  • Personality, Qualities and Background Introduction

  • Questions for Self Introspection and Realisation

  • Guidance on ways to Evolve

  • Clarity on Laws of Nature and ways to align them with life

  • Personalised Tasks to drive the overall Self Development

Introduction BT.png
Day 1
BT 1.2----.png
Day 2
Day 20

Tailored tasks for your

Transformative Self-Discovery

Tasks that will help you to get focused, to get aligned, to balance, to control and to explore a promising and an enterprising leader within.

Carving Leader’s Mindset

  • Guidance on the journeys of unique Futuristic Leaders

  • Merging the Developed Personality to the most unique leader

  • Infusing habits of persistence, rectification and solving global problems

  • Focusing on connecting the dots and developing a seamless process

BT 1.3-.png
Day 21
Day 22
Day 45

Developing Leader's Surrounding

  • Development the right condition for the leader to evolve

  • Encircling right content, people, patterns of life in order to realise best thoughts and plans

  • Visualising the impacting changes in life 

Guiding a Career that is Stitched with your Purpose of Life

  • Aligning the leadership mindset with the Vision and a Unique Career Pathway

  • Finalising the Steps that would lead the Visioned Career

  • Adding Elements of Success only known to Rare

  • Imparting a Career Pathway that Promises the evolution of an Enterprising Leader or an Entrepreneur

BT 1.5.png
Day 46
Day 60

STAGE 2:  Attitude Building

 (3rd Month - 24th Month)

4 follow up sessions of 30 minutes each with an interval of 6 months

Monthly follow-ups from Svastrino Team

Encouraging Students to Attempt

  • Opening the student's mind to the idea of trying

  • Being with them consciously and subconsciously while they make the 1st move

  • Boosting them with the right nutrition to help them germinate naturally

BT 2.1.png
3rd Month
BT 2.2.png

Encouraging Students to Experience Results

  • Helping students to Experience and not to get attached to success / Failure

  • Helping students to accept the result

  • Driving students to move on comfortably to the next level

Consistent Checks and Mentoring

  • Minutely checking progress as per the Career Pathway

  • Forecasting and Mentoring on the future hurdles or process plans

  • Allowing the students to take the charge and plan as per their vision

  • Allowing students to encounter their fears and failure points

  • Mentoring them in advance to frame a plan to overcome their pain areas

  • Getting them to develop a Habit of Overcoming and Growing

2.3 BT -.png

Putting your Developed Skills and Mindframe to Varied Checks

  • Allowing students to test themselves and be open to reviews

  • Mentoring students to accept validations through planned checkpoints

  • Assisting them to create self verifying checkpoints

Checks BT 2.4.png

Micro-Managing your Progress

  • Allowing them to go out of the way to create the blueprint/prototype and then to test the developments through community validations/peer-review

  • Accepting feedback and developing into the best version of themselves

  • Aligning the vision and breaking it up into smaller daily tasks

  • Application and gradual balancing of life, knowledge building and career encompassing

  • Developing the initial momentum to translate into top speed

Micro managing.png
2.6 BT.png

Allowing the First Solo Flight

  • Final validations on natural confidence, excitement and trust

  • Acknowledging the persistent effort and the milestones passed

  • Activating top speed with least effort due to regular practice

  • Taking the first solo flight

  • Helping to follow accurate steps executed multiple times during practice

  • Achieving the stability and height for the perfect flight

  • Making a soft and comfortable landing

24th Month


  • You come out as a self-aware, focussed and disciplined leader from the program

  • You imbibe the principles of becoming an entrepreneur

  • A purposeful and holistic vision for your education, career and life


  • A mentor that holds your hand through the entire process, until you’re ready to fly

  • Exposure to global economy, education and career opportunities specific to your goals

  • Consistent checks and support on your progress at regular intervals

  • A detailed 5 year career plan that will make you the most valuable candidate in your domain

Need a career mentor? We are what you are looking for.

Hear it from our Students

Iqbal Warsi father of Zahra and Zeba
Brother of Actor Arshad Warsi

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Svastrino & surely Mr. Rohit Gala have been a source of my kids' inspiration, guidance and support through his career counselling - right from my first visit to Svastrino Consultancy in the year 2015. He has been a driving force in shaping my kids' career path in the field of their interests. I would like to thank Mr. Rohit Gala for his invaluable counselling with immense patience and an ever smiling face.

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